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When it comes to a real estate transaction, most likely the first thing you consider is getting a broker.  That’s a good start, but a broker only worries about one side of the equation.

In many cases, there are times that you need or want a real estate attorney who will keep an eye on the entire transaction, making sure your needs and rights are properly represented.

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Every day, our clients engage in many different types of real estate transactions – from buying their first home or spending millions on commercial property – and everything in between. Regardless of the scale, we make sure our clients are aware of their liabilities and rights associated with owning or renting before they sign any lease or contract.

A few of the real estate services we offer include:

  • Residential and commercial real estate purchases
  • Sales and leasing transactions
  • Short Sales
  • Land transfer disputes
  • Residential and commercial lease disputes
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Residential Cooperative Transactions
  • Seller financing transactions
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling or buying, your real estate attorney can help with the contract specifics and sort through problems that might pop up during the transaction.

Oh, no doubt your agent can be helpful, but you’ll likely want an attorney to make sure any negotiation is not only beneficial but also legal.

The real estate attorneys at The Herman Law Group can help draft, review, and create documents that protect your interests.

Most residential transactions are relatively straightforward; however, some potential deals contain traps for the unwary. Our attorneys have significant experience recognizing possible real estate transactions pitfalls – this is one reason our clients value our legal counsel.

Titles Searches

Our review will flesh out hidden, unfriendly, and even illegal terms.  We’ll conduct titles searches, looking for unknown parties with a property interest, and we’ll dive into inspection reports, making sure you’re not getting cheated.

We’ll be there when the barrage of documentation comes your way, helping you to understand the process, and our legal counsel will make your buying or selling a safe and less stressful experience.

During our free consultation, we’ll talk about your needs and assess your options in today’s climate. Choosing the right Fort Lauderdale real estate lawyer is essential to ensuring that you are well-informed about your property before you commit.

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Fort Lauderdale real estate attorneys at The Herman Law Group are committed to providing clients with a broad range of real estate legal services.

We strive to accommodate whatever needs clients have or any unplanned-for contingencies that may be facing.

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