Civil Appeals

While a necessary part of the justice system, trials do not always bring justice.

The Herman Law Group is often hired when a legal matter, such as a judgment or ruling, did not go as anticipated.

During appeals, the facts underlying the Court’s ruling are limited to what’s already been presented. However, an experienced appellate lawyer can bring a new perspective and direction to the case.

The combination of experience and determination has lead to positive results for several The Herman Law Group clients.

When should you hire an appellate lawyer?

For a trial lawyer faced with challenging procedural or legal issues, it’s important to work with experienced appellate attorneys.  The Herman Law Group appellate lawyers can be brought in at any stage of litigation.

During an appeal, a judge or judicial panel reads the case, and it’s the appellate lawyer’s job is to persuade the Court through written argument, known as a briefing, to find a favorable outcome for the client. Here, the subject matter is the rule of law, and appellate lawyers must bring a depth of experience and training to the legal team.

Appellate lawyers are typically involved with:

  • memorandums to the Judge
  • final orders affecting property
  • final judgment at trial
  • summary judgment proceedings
  • interlocutory appeals
  • and trial briefs.

Appellate lawyers can be brought on immediately after a verdict to either challenge or defend the verdict. Even before a judgment is entered, post-verdict motions may be useful, but must be timely.

After the judgment is entered, there’s limited time to challenge that judgment. This is the critical period to bring an appellate lawyer on board, as it’s the last chance to correct trial court errors before the expense of an appeal.

The Herman Law Group will pursue the appeal of your case to the greatest reasonable extent possible.

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