Intellectual Property

The Herman Law Group focuses on contested patent litigation, enforcement, and prosecution. Our firm may work on a contingency basis and represents inventors, businesses, and other patent owners.

The Herman Law Group will help defend your patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark rights against infringement.

Our attorneys have successfully enforced our clients’ patents against The Home Depot and many others, achieving multi-million dollar settlements and licensing agreements. In many cases, we offer our patent enforcement services to the client with no up-front fee.

Patent enforcement is a complex undertaking

According to US Law (35 US Code 154(a)(1)), a patent provides the inventor protection and enforcement when others use the patented invention.

35 US Code 154(a)(1) provides “a grant to the patentee … of the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention.”

Patent Enforcement is Very Complicated

Proving infringement is difficult and costly. A well-financed, large corporate infringer has significant advantages over an individual inventor or small business.

That’s why having a well-financed partner on your side, who can help cover patent infringement lawsuit fees, is important.

Many of our clients tend to be smaller business concerns, and we’re familiar and comfortable facing much larger corporate interests.

Taking Action against Patent Infringers

Inventors who assign, license, and dispose of a patent will usually seek legal help. But, when it comes to enforcement, we believe you should find someone who will invest the time and effort into the legal and economic aspects of your case.

Patent enforcement results for our clients

For many years, our attorneys have produced positive settlements for our clients.

As mentioned, if we take on your case, there are no out-of-pocket or up-front fees. Our firm will invest the workforce and hire the necessary witnesses and outside resources, to aggressively prosecute your patent enforcement claim.

We only get paid if we produce positive results (patent licensing agreement, royalties, negotiated settlement, or court victory).

Not all cases go to trial, as that can be precarious. Just by filing a patent infringement lawsuit, we may gain leverage. This advantage may allow us to negotiate a licensing agreement, royalty payments, and lost profits. In certain cases, if the infringer acted in willful disregard, the Court may award treble damages.

We are serious about patent enforcement

To begin, you need to complete a Proposal Request, which will allow us to examine your patent enforcement claim. There is no cost or obligation.

We’ll reach out to you, explore the particulars of your situation and if appropriate, develop a patent enforcement strategy.

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